General Dentist Providing Oral Surgery Services

Every dentist in Texas is licensed to perform all dental procedures. Most, however, choose to limit their practices to certain phases and will refer patients for surgery. This is where Dr. Williams comes in.

Dr. Williams: “Your dentist can give you a choice — to have your necessary surgical procedure performed at another location or in the convenient and familiar surroundings of his or her own office.”

Types of Procedures Dr. Williams Performs:

  • Wisdom Teeth
  • Dental Extractions
  • Dental Implants
  • Types of Anesthesia

Your Comfort
As with many areas of healthcare, oral surgery procedures have improved dramatically over the last decade.

Dr. Williams: “One of my primary goals is to provide you with the most comfortable, safe, and convenient care possible. Modern treatment techniques and the latest anesthetic methods — both oral and I.V. — keep anxiety and discomfort to an absolute minimum.”

An I.V. (conscious) sedation procedure, or ‘twilight sleep,’ is not a general anesthetic that requires large doses. In fact, in virtually all of my cases, patients have experienced no unpleasant awareness or memory of discomfort during their procedures.